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Pros and Cons: Becoming a Truck Driver

What are the major advantages & disadvantages of becoming a truck driver?

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WDS Enterprises is here to help you decide if a truck driving career is for you. A huge plus of deciding whether or not a truck driving career is what you want, is that you will have a job no matter what. Truck driving is in high demand, and there is so much flexibility within truck driving generally and working for us at WDS Enterprises. Listed below are some of the common advantages and disadvantages of becoming a truck driver, so that you can become educated and decide for yourself if truck driving is the right career for you.

CDL Training

Advantages: Obtaining your CDL takes less than 8 weeks on average, but of course this means you have to have a clean driving record and be of the right age to cross state lines if that is the type of work you’re committing to.

Disadvantages: Truck driving school and a CDL can be on the pricier side, so if you are paying out of pocket it can be a huge risk factor. This makes a lot of aspiring truck drivers skew away from pursuing their career in truck driving.

How WDS Can Help: We can provide you with the proper resources for paying out of pocket for a truck driving school and CDL, and we also have paid training options available for the individual that qualifies.


Advantages: You are pretty much your own boss being out on the open road, and you only really have yourself to answer to. You can take as many breaks as you’d like, when you’d like, and it beats being in a boring office job or the hard work of manual labor by a landslide.

Disadvantages: Aside from being independent when driving solo, it can be lonely. And just like any other type of driving, weather conditions can play a huge factor in stress. It’s not easy hauling thousands of dollars’ worth of materials and merchandise by yourself no matter the distance of your truck driving haul.

How WDS Can Help: WDS Enterprises is just a phone call away if you need any help on the road or have any concerns about your haul getting from point A to point B successfully. We also provide team driving for those who are OTR truck drivers that crave partnership on the road.


Advantages: WDS Enterprises practically pays you to travel! You get to see new parts of the United States you never would’ve dreamt of. Every route becomes scenic, and you learn more about each state and its culture every trip.

Disadvantages: Traveling for work means less time at home, which isn’t for everyone. It can be lonely for any solo driver, and it can also mean uncomfortable feelings for the individual who considers themselves to be a homebody.

How WDS Can Help: WDS Enterprises provides many truck driving positions that can help you travel while still being able to spend time at home. Learn more about our Local and Regional jobs for more information on how you can still be a truck driver without the grueling hours involved.


Advantages: Truck driving means the freedom to do and see anything you like, visit wherever you want on your route, and when there’s downtime because of weather or road work – you get to learn more about each region you visit. This could be a dream for the aspiring traveler!

Disadvantages: Work/Life balance becomes an issue being on the road consistently, and truck drivers have the disadvantage of being able to obtain fresh and healthy meals every time they stop. Eating badly can also become expensive, but it’s the most accessible for a truck driver. This can compromise your health and that’s something we certainly don’t want at WDS Enterprises.

How WDS Can Help: WDS Enterprises has updated its trucks so that you can have a mini fridge in your truck and pack healthier meals. We also encourage exercising as much as you can while out on the road even taking a small walk and stretching is beneficial to your health on the road.


Advantages: The industry regulations that are put in place are ultimately for your safety while you’re out on the road. Abiding by these rules and obtaining the proper certifications look good on you in the end.

Disadvantages: If you can’t comply with the FMCSA regulations, you are putting your own safety at risk and putting your job at risk not only with WDS Enterprises but truck driving companies in general.

How WDS Can Help: WDS Enterprises helps train you to conduct pre-trip inspections and other tasks that are required so that you don’t have to worry about putting your job and CDL in jeopardy.


WDS Enterprises hopes this article can help you decide if you’d like to pursue a career in truck driving. There are so many great benefits to becoming a truck driver, and we want our future drivers to be aware of the common pros and cons before diving into this career headfirst. If you’re ready to make the jump, browse our jobs and apply online or call our recruiter at (989) 828-4900.