Become a Truck Driver

How to Become a Truck Driver?

CDL Training

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WDS provides CDL Training to new truck drivers in the state of Michigan so that you can get on the road faster and start on your truck driving career in no time at all. Below are some of the requirements to obtain a CDL:

  • Pass the age requirements – must be 21 or older to cross state lines.
  • Obtain a CLP, or Commercial Learner’s Permit to start learning how to drive semi trucks.
  • Attend a CDL program and learn from professionals how to drive semi trucks.
  • Pass a knowledge and skills exam proving that you are ready to start your truck driving career.
  • Pass a physical, background screening, and provide WDS with the necessary information about yourself.

WDS wants to see you pass your tests and exams so you can start trucking as soon as you’re ready. It takes around 8 weeks to get your CDL license and not very long after to get on the road and start driving.

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Truck Driver

Michigan Trucking Jobs

#1 You Will Always Have a Job in Truck Driving:

Truck driving careers are the most common in the United States, but trucking is growing and needs more drivers. As older truck drivers retire, we need new ones to take their place in this high-demand career. Capacity (the number of drivers compared to the number of goods that need to be moved) is becoming increasingly tighter. As the demand for truckers heighten, you will have many growth opportunities throughout your truck driving career.

#2 Flexibility and Freedom:

Truck driving careers are perfect for the individual who likes their independence and loves to travel. You have the freedom to take as many breaks as you’d like, as well as listening to your favorite music on the radio. Primarily for those who choose to become truckers and also have families, they can choose their own driving schedule. Most truck drivers are home at least once a week.

#3 Quick Training:

It doesn’t take years to start your truck driving career, in fact – it takes less than a year to get your CDL and get hired on with WDS. Learning how to drive semi trucks comes with experience, so we like to get our candidates on the road as fast as we can to get them used to road. With the proper certifications, truck drivers can earn around $40,000 or more in their first year truck driving.

#4 You Can Rely on WDS for Work and State of The Art Equipment:

Truck driving will always rely on truckers being able to get goods for point A to point B, and this career path won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Additionally, we provide our truck drivers with only the best and newest equipment so that truck drivers don’t have to rely on payphones and radios for communication, as well as keep our truck drivers comfortable on the road with heating and A/C, Wi-Fi, and Satellite Radio to name a few benefits.

#5 WDS Benefits:

Truck driving jobs will always have some of the best benefits you could get in any career, below is what WDS offers to all truck drivers:

  • Weekly Pay w/ Direct Deposit
  • Home Weekly, out five to six days per week.
  • Same pay for Empty and Loaded Practical Miles
  • Detention Pay after 2 hours
  • Quarterly Safety Bonus
  • Driver Referral Program
  • Pet and Rider Policy
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Matching 401K, Paid time off, Aflac, Life Insurance
  • Training available, if needed along with a tuition reimbursement program!

Your future could start now!