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Why Become a Truck Driver in 2021

The Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver in 2021

WDS Enterprises Michigan Truck Driving Jobs

WDS Enterprises shares the top reasons why you should start your truck driving career in 2021. Truck driving is in extreme demand all over the country, as customers need goods delivered to them no matter what their business is. To us, truck drivers make a huge difference in everyone’s lives, especially in the times of COVID-19 as supplies have become harder to obtain. Truck driving isn’t for everyone, but WDS Enterprises wants to educate newcomers on what kind of benefits they can have starting a truck driving career of their own. There are many different types of driving opportunities, freight types, and locations that provide flexibility and options for new truck drivers in Michigan, and experienced truck drivers alike. Our goal at WDS Enterprises is to provide a tight-knit family environment amongst our drivers and staff, so they can always feel at home and comfortable regardless of where they’re at on the road. Are you ready to start your truck driving career? Below are some of the benefits of becoming a truck driver according to experienced truck drivers around the country.

Fast Training

The first step to becoming a truck driver in Michigan is to obtain a CDL. There are some precursors and requirements for this, such as getting a CDL permit so you can enroll in truck driving school and practice driving these larger vehicles. You must have a clean driving record as well as be the right age. For Regionaland OTR truck driving jobs, you will need to be over the age of 21 to get a CDL. If you are 18, you can still get a CDL but will not be able to cross state lines, but you will be able to drive with WDS Enterprises in our Local Gravel Train & Farm Haul Division. Training to get a CDL only takes 7 weeks on average with an additional 2-3 weeks for company skill exams, physical exam, and tax information shared with our company like any other job. You can be on the road in less than 10 weeks’ time!


If you’re tired of your regular 9-5 job, tired of staying in one spot, and tired of subpar pay, truck driving is for you. You have the freedom to travel, take breaks whenever you’d like, and practically get paid to see the country. Truck drivers would describe that there’s nothing like being on the open road. Traveling must be a passion of yours, or it will become one very shortly after having decided to become a truck driver. The freedom that truck driving provides to our drivers is unmatched, plus travel is always exciting!


WDS Enterprises provides positions to truck drivers that give them the option to stay local so that they can come home every night, regional truck driving jobs that require you to be on the road for 5-6 days at a time so you can be home on weekends, or Over-The-Road truck driving jobs that require being on the road for almost 2 weeks at a time. Regardless of what kind of truck driving job you choose, you remain flexible as the driver and are in total control of how long you want to be out on the road for.

Company Benefits

WDS Enterprises wants our drivers to know that they are doing a good job and worthy of great benefits, so we provide competitive benefits to make your life as a truck driver easy. Below are some of the benefits we provide to all our truck drivers:

  • Weekly Pay w/ direct deposit
  • Veteran Owned
  • East Coast Premium Pay
  • Same pay for Empty and Loaded Practical Miles
  • Detention Pay after 2 hours
  • Quarterly Safety Bonus
  • Driver Referral Program
  • WDS also has a Pet and Rider Policy
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Matching 401K, Paid time off, Aflac, and Life insurance
  • On the job training
  • Must have a CDL-A/no endorsements needed
  • Training available, if needed along with a tuition reimbursement program!


Compensation in your first year various on the haul types and location of your driving jobs, but you can expect to make anywhere from $45,000-$99,000 in your first year truck driving. Of course, there is always room to make more pay in various ways such as our quarterly safety bonuses we provide to our truck drivers and Paid CDL training if you qualify. You are guaranteed to get paid weekly via direct deposit, and your paycheck is almost always the same because of the demand of truck drivers.


Truck driving for WDS Enterprises has many benefits, and we are more than happy to kickstart your truck driving career with our helpful staff and advice on this blog. Browse our jobs to learn more about our positions available and apply online or call our recruiter at 989-828-4900.

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Freight Types and Driving Opportunities

What Kind of Freight Types Are There? And What Kind of Driving Opportunities Will I Have?

WDS Enterprises Michigan Truck Driving Jobs

As a truck driver, it is important to know the kinds of freight types that are available and all of the details such as average compensation and difficulty level, in this blog WDS Enterprises highlights the types of freights and driving opportunities that come with truck driving job and where they are most commonly used. This article is specifically to learn more about how our company operates and the types of freights we offer in our positions across the country. Our goal is to specify how these freight types will come into play for each location of your truck driving job so that you can be prepared with the knowledge of what’s to come.

Common Freight Types

Van Truckload

Dry Van Truckload drivers haul a huge variety of goods in standard 53-foot dry van trailers, delivering to a wide variety of customers throughout the U.S. Van Truckloads are commonly used for Regional and OTR truck driving jobs. This is not a difficult freight type and most of the time dry van truckloads are used to train new truck drivers that have chosen to expand outside of local truck driving jobs. You will almost never have to help unload these types of freights, as the customer will take care of this for you.


Dedicated truck drivers haul freight for one primary customer only. Because you’ll be dedicated to delivering their freight, you’ll get to know their people, their schedules, and their routes. This will give you a sense of familiarity, and predictability of schedule. These are typically dry van truckloads, flatbeds, and home deliveries depending on who the customer is. The difficulty level depends on the type of haul this is and is recommended for intermediate to expert level truck drivers.


Intermodal means using two or more different modes of transportation in transporting goods. At Schneider that involves drivers bringing freight containers secured to a chassis to a rail yard, where they’re lifted on a train and shipped long distance by rail, then picked up at the destination rail yard by another driver, who then transports it to the final customer. These are commonly local and regional type hauls and are done solo. For the driver learning how to perform these types of hauls it is also common for a more experienced driver to accompany the first couple hauls like this.


Tanker truck drivers deliver liquid bulk such as water, or dry bulk like sand loads, typically in steel tank trailers with hands-on loading and unloading processes with pumps and hoses. The trailer can be designed to haul chemicals and corrosives, or contain multiple compartments, or control product temperature. Tanker hauls compensate the greatest aside from Over-The-Road hauls because of the difficulty level and is recommended for expert level truck drivers.

Common Driving Opportunities


Solo means exactly that and is the most common type of driving opportunity. You’ll be by yourself in the driver’s seat delivering these hauls. Solo truck driving is mostly for local and regional truck driving jobs, but you will also see solo truck drivers making Over-The-Road missions by themselves as well. Driving solo is completely optional in OTR jobs, but for local and regional truck driving jobs you won’t feel the need to have a driving partner by your side.


Team driving is when two experienced truck drivers take turns driving the same truck, the top benefit of driving as a team vs. solo is that you’ll be less lonely, and also be able to cover more miles than you would on your own. This other team driver can be someone from WDS Enterprises, or a friend, or loved one who has all of the same certifications that you will be required to have to drive these trucks. This is mostly for OTR haul types, and team driving is common for dry van truckloads that are covering a large number of miles. Team drivers can expect to drive anywhere from 1000-5000 miles on each trip. The compensation for team drivers is almost double what a solo driver would make, from cost per mileage to actual hourly pay.

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Pros and Cons: Becoming a Truck Driver

What are the major advantages & disadvantages of becoming a truck driver?

WDS Enterprises Michigan Truck Driving Jobs

WDS Enterprises is here to help you decide if a truck driving career is for you. A huge plus of deciding whether or not a truck driving career is what you want, is that you will have a job no matter what. Truck driving is in high demand, and there is so much flexibility within truck driving generally and working for us at WDS Enterprises. Listed below are some of the common advantages and disadvantages of becoming a truck driver, so that you can become educated and decide for yourself if truck driving is the right career for you.

CDL Training

Advantages: Obtaining your CDL takes less than 8 weeks on average, but of course this means you have to have a clean driving record and be of the right age to cross state lines if that is the type of work you’re committing to.

Disadvantages: Truck driving school and a CDL can be on the pricier side, so if you are paying out of pocket it can be a huge risk factor. This makes a lot of aspiring truck drivers skew away from pursuing their career in truck driving.

How WDS Can Help: We can provide you with the proper resources for paying out of pocket for a truck driving school and CDL, and we also have paid training options available for the individual that qualifies.


Advantages: You are pretty much your own boss being out on the open road, and you only really have yourself to answer to. You can take as many breaks as you’d like, when you’d like, and it beats being in a boring office job or the hard work of manual labor by a landslide.

Disadvantages: Aside from being independent when driving solo, it can be lonely. And just like any other type of driving, weather conditions can play a huge factor in stress. It’s not easy hauling thousands of dollars’ worth of materials and merchandise by yourself no matter the distance of your truck driving haul.

How WDS Can Help: WDS Enterprises is just a phone call away if you need any help on the road or have any concerns about your haul getting from point A to point B successfully. We also provide team driving for those who are OTR truck drivers that crave partnership on the road.


Advantages: WDS Enterprises practically pays you to travel! You get to see new parts of the United States you never would’ve dreamt of. Every route becomes scenic, and you learn more about each state and its culture every trip.

Disadvantages: Traveling for work means less time at home, which isn’t for everyone. It can be lonely for any solo driver, and it can also mean uncomfortable feelings for the individual who considers themselves to be a homebody.

How WDS Can Help: WDS Enterprises provides many truck driving positions that can help you travel while still being able to spend time at home. Learn more about our Local and Regional jobs for more information on how you can still be a truck driver without the grueling hours involved.


Advantages: Truck driving means the freedom to do and see anything you like, visit wherever you want on your route, and when there’s downtime because of weather or road work – you get to learn more about each region you visit. This could be a dream for the aspiring traveler!

Disadvantages: Work/Life balance becomes an issue being on the road consistently, and truck drivers have the disadvantage of being able to obtain fresh and healthy meals every time they stop. Eating badly can also become expensive, but it’s the most accessible for a truck driver. This can compromise your health and that’s something we certainly don’t want at WDS Enterprises.

How WDS Can Help: WDS Enterprises has updated its trucks so that you can have a mini fridge in your truck and pack healthier meals. We also encourage exercising as much as you can while out on the road even taking a small walk and stretching is beneficial to your health on the road.


Advantages: The industry regulations that are put in place are ultimately for your safety while you’re out on the road. Abiding by these rules and obtaining the proper certifications look good on you in the end.

Disadvantages: If you can’t comply with the FMCSA regulations, you are putting your own safety at risk and putting your job at risk not only with WDS Enterprises but truck driving companies in general.

How WDS Can Help: WDS Enterprises helps train you to conduct pre-trip inspections and other tasks that are required so that you don’t have to worry about putting your job and CDL in jeopardy.


WDS Enterprises hopes this article can help you decide if you’d like to pursue a career in truck driving. There are so many great benefits to becoming a truck driver, and we want our future drivers to be aware of the common pros and cons before diving into this career headfirst. If you’re ready to make the jump, browse our jobs and apply online or call our recruiter at (989) 828-4900.

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