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What does Local Gravel Train & Farm Haul Division entail?

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Local truck driving jobs haul freight within a day’s drive of home, meaning you will be out on the road for just a day and be back home every night if you reside in Michigan. Most of these haul types are gravel and farm supplies such as feed and farming equipment. Learn more about our Local Gravel Train and Farm Haul Division below.

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Home nightly.  Hauling sand, gravel, and agricultural commodities.  During Winter months, drivers have the option to work for our Regional or OTR fleets due to weather.

Sand & Gravel

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Local truck drivers that work for WDS Enterprises are never too far from home, and are always back at home nightly. Local truck driving jobs are always solo, and you’ll never have to drive more than a days worth of distance. Local truck driving is great for those who love staying in Michigan, and want to get more familiarized with Michigan’s routes. Local truck driving is great for the beginner truck driver who has just obtained their CDL, and the experienced truck driver who resides in Michigan and would prefer to stay within their local territory. Below are some of the great benefits WDS Enterprises provides for our Local Gravel Train & Farm Haul Division:

  • Up to $.60 cpm PLUS benefits
  • (Benefits equaling around an additional $.07cpm)
  • Weekly Pay w/ direct deposit
  • Home Weekly, out five to six days per week.
  • Veteran Owned
  • Same pay for Empty and Loaded Practical Miles
  • Detention Pay after 2 hours
  • Quarterly Safety Bonus
  • Driver Referral Program
  • WDS also has a Pet and Rider Policy
  • Benefits include: Medical, Dental, Vision, Matching 401K, Paid time off, Aflac, Life insurance, on the job training
  • Must have a CDL-A/no endorsements needed
  • Training available, if needed along with a tuition reimbursement program!

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Most Common Local Freight Types

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#1 Grain:

Across the entire state of Michigan, grain is needed as it is a very agriculturally rich state. This is the most common local truck driving haul. Grain hauls require a special tanker truck that is easy to manage as the truck driver, especially considering that grain hauls are local and are never more than a 300 mile radius. Local truck drivers enjoy this type of haul the most because the unloading is typically done by the customer who needs this grain, or they can assist you in unloading this haul. Because of the shortened time it takes to unload grain, you will be back on the road heading home in almost no time.

#2 Farm Goods:

Aside from grain, there are plenty of other goods that need to be delivered to local farms such as feed and farming equipment. This is the 2nd most common local freight type amongst local truck drivers in Michigan. There might be some different types of tankers or trailers you will be driving, and to rural areas of Michigan, but you will be guaranteed to be home at the end of the night.

#3 Gravel & Sand:

Gravel and Sand are the 3rd most common local truck driving hauls in Michigan. These hauls are delivered to and from gravel quarry’s in Michigan. These local truck driving hauls require a dump truck type trailer for easy unloading. The difficulty of gravel and sand hauling is not nearly as difficult compared to hauling liquids across Michigan, but it does require a careful eye when driving on the highway.

Local Gravel Train & Farm Haul Division Conclusion

Local truck driving jobs in Michigan provided by WDS Enterprises are for the truck driver with the desire to stay close to home, while making great pay and benefits. It is also great for the beginning truck driver who wants experience on the road, and experience driving with different types of trailers and hauls. This is also a great opportunity to build relationships with our customers and get familiarized with Michigan’s routes. While local truck driving jobs are primarily solo, WDS Enterprises provides support on the road to beginner truckers who need assistance with their first hauls. Are you ready to become a local truck driver in Michigan? Call our recruiter at 989-828-4900 or Browse Jobs.