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What is Over-the-Road (OTR) Trucking?

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Over-The-Road trucking is what you would envision when you think of traditional truck driving. These truck driving jobs are done across the lower 48 states, and are usually performed for 10-14 days at a time. Over-The-Road truck driving jobs can range anywhere from 1000 to 5000 miles driving at a time, and can be done solo or as a truck driving team. Learn more about our Over-The-Road truck driving jobs below.

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Our OTR Division covers the lower 48 states, with our heaviest volume moving to: South, South East, West, South West, North West.  Out for 10-14 days on average.

Solo and Team Drivers

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While Solo OTR truck driving jobs provide full independence for the driver who enjoys their freedom, Team OTR truck driving jobs can provide longer trips for over 1000+ miles with the companionship of another driver by their side. Whether you’re looking to drive your truck solo, or as a team, Over-The-Road jobs are typically known to be compensated better and the time out can be weeks at a time on the road. WDS Enterprises provides sleeper cabs for truckers and many benefits to be able to drive these long hauls across the United States. Below are some of the benefits WDS Enterprises provides for our Over-The-Road truck drivers.

  • Up to $.52 cpm PLUS benefits
  • (Benefits equaling around an additional $.07cpm)
  • Weekly Pay w/ direct deposit
  • Veteran Owned
  • East Coast Premium Pay
  • Same pay for Empty and Loaded Practical Miles
  • Detention Pay after 2 hours
  • Quarterly Safety Bonus
  • Driver Referral Program
  • WDS also has a Pet and Rider Policy
  • Benefits include: Medical, Dental, Vision, Matching 401K, Paid time off, Aflac, Life insurance, on the job training
  • Must have a CDL-A/no endorsements needed
  • Training available, if needed along with a tuition reimbursement program!

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Most Common OTR Freight Types

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#1 Retail Supplies:

The most common Over-The-Road haul is for retail supplies across the country, this could mean delivering dry goods to grocery stores from the manufacturer location to the store location of the clients choice. Grocery stores, clothing stores, or furniture stores all need Over-The-Road truck drivers to get their good from point A to point B in a timely manner depending on their demand.

#2 Liquids:

The 2nd most common Over-The-Road haul is delivering liquid goods to various clients across the United States. Liquids could mean milk, molasses, or any other retail good that is needed in a grocery store or other type of business. Although, other types of liquids that are common are cement, oil, and gas; which typically would require you to drive a tanker truck and isn’t always an Over-The-Road haul. Typically, liquid hauls are harder to transport and compensate better for the difficulty that comes with this type of truck driving haul.

#3 Raw Materials/Construction Hauls:

The 3rd most common haul in Over-The-Road truck driving hauls is raw materials. This means steel pipes, wood planks, steel frames, etc. These are to be carried on a flatbed truck that is exposed and can be more difficult to manage as these materials are more dangerous to carry on the road. Construction job sites and construction retail stores need Over-The-Road truck drivers to deliver these goods across the entire country at all times.

Over The Road Truck Driving Conclusion

Over-The-Road truck driving jobs are for the truck driver who enjoys being out on the road, and likes the freedom of being out on the open road. The compensation for Over-The-Road truck driving jobs are the highest in the truck driving industry, along with the benefits of using our state-of-the-art sleeper cabs and top notch technology. While driving these long hauls solo, there is also the option to drive with another team member to help take turns driving from state to state. You can expect to spend 10-14 days out on the road, and be back home for the weekend after that. Ready to start your Over-The-Road truck driving career with WDS Enterprises? Consider applying for our Over The Road Truck Driving Jobs today and call our recruiter now at 989-828-4900 or Browse Jobs.